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Keystone can keep a balance of how many Vacation ( and/or Sick, Personal, PTO, etc.) hours are available for each employee. Hours earned can be entered (e.g. on anniversary date) or accrued each payroll. Time used is automatically deducted from the balance when used. Reports of balance and usage can be ran in detail or summary. Balances are available to be print on pay stubs.


  1. Balance formulas need to be activated in Company Maintenance (contact support)
  2. Add balance logic to paycheck form
  3. Active Balance formulas on each employee
  4. Enter Beginning balances in Employee Maintenance for each employee (see below)
  5. Verify Balances with Employee Loans report

Entering Employee Balances

- relevant to setting initial balances, making corrections and adding hours where they are awarded annually. This example uses Vacation Remaining (VACREM)
  1. Open employee in Employee Maintenance
  2. Click on the Deductions tab. VACREM should be checked Active
  3. Click + and + again expand the definition
  4. Click in the Value column of the Balance factor and click on the ... box. The balance window will open
  5. Enter the Date the balance entry is to be effective and the hours. This example is adding 40 hours to the Balance on 1/1/2010.