Emergency Backup - Quick Simple Solutions

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Emergency Backup - Quick Simple Solutions

Making an emergency backup of Keystone is simple. By having a single file for each company, you have all the data you need to get yourself back in business in even the worst case scenarios.

The key is to have both on-site and off-site backups. Remember that redundancy is your friend ... You can make multiple copies of backups and store them at multiple locations AND you can take advantage of several on-line ( "cloud" ) backup options.

Backup Instructions

See Keystone Database Backup for instructions on creating backups. Also see Quick Backup to USB Flash Drive.

Online "Cloud" Backup Options

There are several vendors who offer on-line backups, some free, others for a fee. With these, you simply create a Keystone backup to file and use the vendors instructions for moving the file to their storage. The methods for moving data to the cloud normally fall into one of the following:

  1. Select file to upload from browser.
  2. Install software that presets a certain directory to be automatically synchronized. (typical of the free options)
  3. Install software that lets you select any directory on your system to be automatically synchronized. (more typical of the pay options)

Cloud Backup Options:

Remember that automated backups such as tape backups are not enough!!!

Unfortunately that fancy nightly backup system your IT specialist setup is not an effective way to backup the Keystone database. The problem with a database is that it's a large file that can be constantly changing. Automated backups (besides Keystone's automated backup) attempt to copy the whole file, but this can lead to a corrupt copy. (It's kind of like trying to take a picture of a fast moving object).

  • Keystone Backups can be done any time of day without adversely affecting anyone else on the system.
  • With just one backup file per company - we have everything we need to get you back up and running.